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commercial property damage

We make sure your properties, your businesses, and your life are put back to normal.

Condominium Association Damage

If you’re a board member of your association, and your building has suffered damage, make sure you start documenting everything and put everything in a safe place. Condo policies can get extremely complicated, and if you don’t abide by the policy immediately after a loss, it can jeopardize your claim entirely. As a best practice, contact a trusted public adjusting firm so you can get the right assistance!

Multifamily Property Damage

Multifamily property investors beware! There are a lot of tricky parts when filing an insurance claim. You are in charge of managing communication between tenants and insurance adjusters. Remember, this is your business, and it must be protected. Make sure to mitigate your losses immediately! Let us guide you through this stressful process.

office building damage

When damage hits your commercial office building, it hits your business, and your tenants. Make sure that you mitigate the damage and get paid for what you deserve, so that you can get your tenants back to work.

Industrial Property Damage

Besides damage and stress while handling insurance companies, do not forget about the loss of business income. Your business can suffer a lot if you are not compensated for everything you deserve. Experienced public adjusters will help you put your business and your life back together again.

Hotel Property Damage

As the owner of a hotel or motel, COVID-19 probably hurt your business hard. If you are here, you probably have some damage on your properties too. Experienced public adjusters can guide you through this stressful process of filing a claim, so you can get what you deserve from your insurance company.

Restaurant Property Damage

After 2020 lockdowns, the thing you want the least is property damage that can make your business suffer even more. If this happens, you should mitigate the damage and repairs quickly. We at I File Claims can make sure that you are paid for what you deserve.

Schools and Universities Property Damage

Education is the foundation of a nation's prosperity. If serious structural damage, or even a small leak happens, we must make sure that the building is safe and everything is repaired. It's important that experienced professionals check everything, and public adjusters make sure that Insurance covers all of the damage

Religious Property Damage

These are not only properties, it's way more than that. Religions institutions create identities and representations, and determine good attitudes, emotions, and behavior of a community. We should take care of them. When the damage occurs, all of should work together to put it back in a previous condition.

residential property damage

To most of us, our home is our most valuable asset, so we make sure to treat even the smallest of claims with the utmost care and focus.

Single Family Home

Home is your most important asset. It’s also the place where the family is. Make sure you are covered and paid when disaster strikes.


If you are the owner of your apartment, you must be prepared for when the damage happens. Schedule a free inspection to make sure you are.

Multi-Family Home

Multifamily insurance claims can be complex and tedious. Do not hesitate to ask experts for assistance.


What happens if your neighbor's pipe bursts and the water damages your property? This can be tricky. Call us for a free inspection.

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