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You are here because you may need to hire an public adjuster. A trustworthy one. If you’re a restoration contractor, business owner, or homeowner, you’re at the right place. 

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Monday – Friday 10AM-6PM EST

This varies from claim to claim and is dependent on many factors.

However, we do follow up with your insurance company on a weekly basis to make sure your claim does not go untouched.

We also do our part to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible.

Your claim is important and we work around the clock to make sure your claim is taken care of. At least once a week, we are following up with your claim. Most of the time, we are waiting for your insurance company to proceed with the next steps.

You can reach us through email, phone or text. However, the best method to get your questions answered would be through our email – admin@ifileclaims.com

Sure you can. As long as you disclose this information to the potential buyer, as long as the claim occurs and/or is filed while you are the owner of the home, those claim proceeds will be paid to you upon conclusion of that claim.

Absolutely you can. Your best bet is to call your insurance agent so that they can process the policy cancellation and shop for a new one immediately.

A copy of your Declarations Page is by far the most important piece of document we need for our file. Any letters or emails that have been sent to you by your insurance company would be greatly appreciated. Also, any repair invoices, proposals or contractor reports help us a great deal in getting your claim resolved.

Appraisal and mediation are alternative dispute methods provided in your policy that allow us to  get you more money for your claim after you’ve received an undisputed payment. Our process usually begins with trying to work with your insurance company on a supplemental payment, then depending on your policy, we will try to proceed with either appraisal or mediation.


Appraisal – We send an appraisal request to your insurance and they have 20-days to respond either with their appraiser or with a rejection. If they accept our appraisal, an appraisal inspection date will be decided and both the insurance company’s appraiser and our appraiser will go out to your property to reinspect. Afterwards, the two appraisers will create their own estimates and negotiate an amount. If the appraisers cannot come to an agreement, an umpire will need to be involved and another inspection will be scheduled where the umpire will assess the damage firsthand and determine the amount it would take to fix the damage.


Mediation – We file for mediation through the state. It takes about 30-days for us to receive contact from a state-appointed mediator. A mediation date is scheduled and is usually conducted by Zoom or sometimes by phone. The mediation is attended by your public adjuster, yourself, the state-appointed mediator, and an insurance representative. Your public adjuster will give you a call 15-30 minutes from the scheduled time of the mediation and prep you. 

Your mortgage company has to be on the check by law. Your insurance company cannot release a check without your mortgage company on the check.

The process of getting your check endorsed varies by mortgage companies, but the first step will be to reach out to them. The important thing is to have the adjuster’s worksheet to show the mortgage company so that they can get the check released. Depending on what your mortgage company requests, we will do our best to help you through that process.

We recommend waiting till your claim is closed to start major repairs. If you have already received an initial payment from your insurance, minor repairs would be ok. However, if you begin major repairs such as replacing your whole roof, all the floors, etc., then the estimate we provided to your insurance becomes null and you would need to provide your insurance with receipts of repairs.

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